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There is always an anxious thought or memory ready to slip into the mind places not nourished on gratitude. But young Cosette is having none of that. JVJ sees the child sleeping in utter confidence and playing all day without guilt or fear – trusting wholly in her salvation. What a great picture of what we are designed for, and of what I think is possible. Yet still I strive.

I have a new grandchild on the way who will enter this world in the next few days. He has a mother and father (my son) who are brimming with enthusiasm to see him and love him, and what we all are expectant for, to watch him sleep in utter confidence and play without guilt or fear.

No matter how good the circumstances seem to be, some people cannot be happy, or learn to relish life in ordinary moments. Working to a weekend, spending to a security, talking to take from others. Some are clinging to personal ideas so hard to their deaths. There is no room for worship. Choosing solitary confinement is death. Clinging to anything (especially partisan attitudes) to make it a part of me shuts me down to sleep  and play. I can put down my selfish objects, give them away, or at least hold them loosely enough that I can see around them; and one day I might even forget where I out them. If they are so great, then they will be the better without my clinging. I can then enjoy playing with others.

I can take positive steps to get there I know. Being wise about choosing my people interactions, fully engaging in relationships – silent and ordinary moments especially, stepping out in faith when it seems risky,  erring on the side of obeying Jesus, choosing to relax regularly, taking necessary time to get ordinary things finished well. Practicing gratitude and recognizing others efforts. Sounds like worship to me. For fully engaging the day in worship is what will lead me to sleep and play.