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Hugo envisions that the movement of French politics was irresistible to the rulers despite a Waterloo victory. I see the same in American politics with various elections: the real lasting ideas are being formed in the practices and values of the people on the street.  But politics is much broader than elections and office. In 2017, consumerism and entertainment media addiction have a hold on our people. There is dissatisfaction and numbness and never ceasing advance into the darkness of distracted living. Higher thinking and engaged discourse are very rare because of the politicization of the issues. The politicization is driven by images, mental and virtual, that individuals hold as ideals for themselves, and it is usually about appearances. Even the rebellious are more interested in appearing as rebellious than actually helping people in some way through change. How can a nation walk the plank into the sea of self-destruction? When people are no longer seeing, hearing, or relating in the kingdom of God. Further, there is no desire to do or see anything different.

So this condition presents opportunity to be a difference. To strike up community among neighbors and ask the deeper questions and draw out those deeper answers. The purpose is in the asking and the drawing. It is about connection and community and caring.

The acedia of the culture seems infinite and irresistible, but though it is big and pervasive, it is actually rarified and incendiary. So let’s get busy talking and listening and loving.