Today, I will decide something different. Just one little thing. But maybe two. And I will be observant to enter in to the little opportunities that arise. I will exchange a smile and a greeting for cold eye contact. I will speak a little differently with unusual care and thoughtfulness to my bride of 34 years.

Napoleon’s spy missed some small detail and it cost them the battle. Not today. Not me. How exciting to pry open the life events that lie behind the door of stopping to talk to that neighbor at the mailbox. How powerful the opportunity that lies behind following that subtle curiosity about taking that class, or joining that club, or just visiting that other neighborhood.

When we go on long trips down I75 or I40, we whiz by the same exits that I have seen for years. Some of them have signs that raise my curiosity every time I go by, but just not enough to interrupt my agenda off making time to my far destination. Its only those same Chik Fil A restaurants that have a strong enough pull to get us off for a pit stop – clean, fast, and convenient. But interruptions and different doors and new introductions are what vastly increase the quality and memorability of each day. Opportunity for relationship abounds.

The biggest decisions that I ever made were probably – who I am going to marry, and where was I going to work. The effects on those decisions by the apparent miscalculations and mistakes of others is clear  from a cause and effect vantage point. But there can be no responsibility (blame or credit) assigned for those who made the apparent errors. For each day is a new day and potential good deeds and wonderful joys are at hand through the doors of decision right now.