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“…and when destiny is called in , this mysterious accused, we judge like the people, that artless judge.”

Hugo attributed the result of Waterloo to “a chain of accidents” then yet qualifies his statement by acknowledging his position of ignorance subject to the winds of perception. My reading of these final words of this chapter is that common judgments are made rashly and with a heard mentality; more generally that life goes on by expediency and without art.

This week I attended a stimulating workshop about artistic leadership (I am no longer surprised by the seeming coincidences of my readings, and I am not so artless as to stubbornly insist that they are due to a random chance.) The workshop encouraged me to move out existentially into the mystery of the future. To take a chance and  not care about the perceptions of others, but to move out boldly into the darkness creating as I go. The same call that I have heard for years (Silence of Adam by Larry Crabb, Paradise Lost, John Milton) since considering my role as a creator, launching out into the unknowing. Creation is the act of worship as I live out my existence as a man created in the image of God, corrupted by the sin disease, and restored as a new creature by the rescue of God Himself, another more relevant creation which I can emulate.

Redemption is an act of creation within the chaos of destruction and devaluation. I am now redeemed and renewed, commissioned and empowered with untold resources to move out and choose worship, which is my creative loving and leading. There is the artless behavior of the people marching toward their deaths and squandering the moments in following the impulses of their neighbors; there is the savoring of moments and smelling of the roses which is self-aware and delights in moments but still is powerless to change anything; then there is the worship of God – something intimate and purposeful which delights to glorify Him as a creature creating, enjoy His approval and fellowship in eternal life. Shout joyfully to God all the earth! (Psalm 66:1).