And so it is complete. The direction of JVJ’s life is settled. He now is resolved upon his chosen purpose. And, he has revealed by his actions that his confession was a mere rescue of the helpless Champmathieu, rather than a surrender. Although in the aftermath of the Arras trial, he was passive and resigned to a life in prison, the death of Fanzine was the turning point for him, when he committed to her to be the guardian and father of her precious Cosette. Now he will use his own force to escape Javert and the law, driven by moral resolve on behalf of Cossette. The conflict is really over here for JVJ. The novel becomes settled as to his internal struggles and his ascent to superhero status has resumed. His life of service is settled, and he now commits himself to that one goal.

I am strongly attracted to such a reality for its dream value. To sit in the presence of God, unhurried and committed, without the chosen busy-ness and cares of the worldly surface-life. To really love is to not be distracted. To love God, or to love another human. And “love in action is a harsh and dreadful thing” compared to a dream, and I imagine that Jean also endured loneliness and boredom as he played the parent. Teach me to sit and dream and love.