You have heard of turning things inside out, but Hugo turns things outside in for Javert. How pitiable: “Nothing could be more painful and terrible than this face, which revealed what we may call all the evil of good.”

I have been carried away with the enthusiasm of my own perspective. When I am on the wrong rails, enjoying a track of self-indulgence, eventually it will show on the outside. One common way this gets demonstrated is by talking too much or giving too much detail about my own situation. Starting out, excited to share with others what I am thinking or doing, I suddenly find myself speeding along on the rails out in the open and all alone. Others are not interested in what I have to say anymore. I have to stop myself and correct my course. It shows on the outside.

The remedy is to hold oneself loosely while becoming preoccupied in observation of these magnificent creatures who surround one. These creatures who are created with such mystery and paradox, so loved by their Creator and with such splendid spectra. The genuine motives of mercy ring true through the facade. We are much more transparent than we like to think, and cannot hide our selfish interest. Because it leads nowhere, why not give it up and enjoy the splendor?

Javert deceived himself, that he was on the right track of integrity, but he could not hide his self-interest.