Life is a mess. That’s why its about the present details. They are all we really have. Or so it seems from the inside. But worked out in light of a purpose, one detail at a time, somehow the chaos comes together.

I am trying to figure out how JVJ can solve his problem of integrity by turning himself in, if he then immediately runs away. It is clear at this point that he is planning on taking care of Fantine and Cosette. And soon enough he will run into Javert trying to prevent him from following through on this intention. But I am carefully watching now where he will find the moral basis for abandoning his abandonment in order to spend his life as Cosette’s protector. These are two worthy missions, but incompatible as they are, it seems following the second invalidates both the first and the second. We will see as I read how this actually plays out.

But for now the point is about the mess I think – and the meandering present. He has clearly been meandering as if driven to obey the voice urging within him, but not having a settled plan. So after his thorough confession, he departs the courtroom saying that he will submit to arrest… eventually. But for now, he has many things to do.

Remind you of anyone?