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After all of the pre-amble – the mental wrestling with himself and God, the haphazard flinging together of a trip to Arras, the coincident delay in the proceedings, and the turning of a brass door knob – he took the final step to expose himself in humiliation with the confession of his true identity.

By this time, where he actually steps out onto the floor, the hardest part is over already. What I admire most about his fictional character is the detailed persistence to push his way up to the stepping out. When a conflict first presents itself to an individual, what follows in the mind of the man or woman is of the most interest to me. Especially over a range of days where the thoughts must be worked out. The freedom to think and choose how to think about the circumstance is great responsibility. It is never time to panic. It is always time to pray. JVJ was a mess, and perhaps there is no avoiding the mental mess that will or will not come to me by a circumstance. There remains to us the preparation of building a strong mind of humility and faith beforehand. Is this really a worthy goal?

There is this whole question of what should I do with the precious time that I have been given? My moments on the earth to be spent how? to start with my purpose in this world, and then to find a position of perspective on my life that will allow me to make decisions as to how I cold best fulfill that purpose. JVJ seems to be caught by this circumstance in the correct posture of knowing how his life is consistent with his purpose.