Happy Christmas! I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday just in time. I have one gift to buy and I will inevitably leave it off until the last day, not knowing what to buy, and not resolving to take the required time alone to identify some material good that would strike the right chord with my wife. Admittedly, that chord would sound really good, but would mislead her to believe that I have thought long and hard about this gift.

But this year and last year I have had it easy. I have my consultant, Sister Susanna, who has visited us for the season and knows just what to buy. A wise man seeketh godly counsel. Shopping with Sister Susanna is fun because she not only has the best ideas, but is also like me in her shopping approach: found what fits, now buy it.

Sister Susanna is young but wise. We are so excited for her return home every year to spend a few days with us at Christmas. She understands me and takes care of me. Although I never remember her disrespecting me, she is bold and independent to assume her adventure in life, prepared for her since the beginning of time, that is different from mine. Not just different in the happenings, but in those passions and perspectives that drive it.

Sister Susanna will graduate college this year and more fully invest and engage in a life apart from us. But I am confident  that she will always return home to us and alight in our home for a few holidays.