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Walking up to the edge of a diving board is a decisive experience. Whether I was afraid of the height as a 8-year old at the community pool high dive; or whether I was compelled as a dad to establish the playfulness by making the first plunge into the cold depths on a spring day at the hotel, it was time to make the decision. The same moments have existed for me especially through my youth: the quick decision to speak up in a crowd, or to reach out and grab my girlfriends hand, or to say those words out loud in a personal relationship. Sometimes, the hard words need to be said that may lead to conflict – I blurt it out, or not. And there are the moments of potential embarrassment like the first steps walking out onto the dance floor and presuming to move as if it were a graceful coordinated gesture.

Here the round polished brass door knob, that shone like an ominous star, held the moment of decision for JVJ. And he stepped right into that moment. Ahhhh. Might I follow him there. To give it all away for the joy of a true heart.

Might I learn to recognize those brass knobs in my world and rush to the moment to “convulsively” yank them open. Maybe I will not have thought them all of the way through, and I will have to just be in the moment and respond from who I am, foolishness and all. Perhaps I will have to go back and apologize, but my heart will be trained in honesty and bold love.