JVJ moves toward Arras past obstacles and reasons to turn back, despite not having made up his mind to doing the thing that he seems driven to do by unseen forces and will. Then being checkmated with no hope of transportation required to extend his mission, “He felt an immense joy.” And no wonder, for the task before him was humiliating as well as to end in his own destruction. But his joy is short-lived, for the door ahead opens again – this time not being pushed or kicked by his own efforts, but as a gentle invite that beckons “Come and die.”

“All the facts of life are perpetually in flight before us…” What am I thinking to rush forward in this day. Why am I driven on past all of these flashes? Schedules to keep and emails to expunge that represent tasks to check off of my list. Toward what end that could be worth the brevity of the flash? I find myself cold and tired, so I huddle within myself seeking comfort and rest.

But JVJ rushes on through the night toward a greater goal. He is compelled by only the One who moves on the deepest part of the human soul. He is loving another human for the love of God. His actions are messy and brutal, but beautiful, partly because no one else cares or even notices.

“The night grew darker and darker.”