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Having seen the single footprint of a man one time on his lonely island, for two years Robinson Crusoe was hard-pressed to relax and pray:

from Defoe’s story in CHAPTER XII – A CAVE RETREAT:

I rather prayed to God as under great affliction and pressure of mind, surrounded with danger, and in expectation every night of being murdered and devoured before morning; and I must testify, from my experience, that a temper of peace, thank- fulness, love, and affection, is much the more proper frame for prayer than that of terror and discomposure: and that under the dread of mischief impending, a man is no more fit for a comforting performance of the duty of praying to God than he is for a repentance on a sick-bed; for these discomposures affect the mind, as the others do the body; and the discomposure of the mind must necessarily be as great a disability as that of the body, and much greater; praying to God being properly an act of the mind, not of the body.

So true. My anxious thoughts multiply within me, but usually I do not experience Psalm 94:19 until the evil actually comes. Anxious thoughts are enough for me to seek comfort in any immediate harbor.

Be anxious for nothing. Give thanks in everything that I actually experience. Peace. Peace. So desirable is that peace of mind. Today is a rest day. I offer up my anxious thoughts about work and money and relationships.