Psalm 1 was strong in my youth of action, now let it define my days of maturity and rest. Where do I actually find my delight? The delight of my moments is often in distraction. Even by appearing to be engaged in righteous activity I am merely finding distraction and loosing moments. Rather let me delight in the grace and gifts of God every moment, while giving away the glory, perhaps doing little, but being real in the moment.

He has planted me in this place by these streams, and I have all I need. What am I searching for in my distraction? Why do I need to be entertained? Let me enjoy the meditation and fruitfulness of a silent hour. I turn my attention now to My Hope. In this present moment I delight in being alive and knowing You. Listen.

Oh, the horror of the distracted life of shallow dry dust in the wind. Lord, know my way. I will contemplate and rest in You. Here I find my delight.