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I applaud you this morning God without need for reasoning of my mind. You exist with or without me. Your nearness and Lordship are my source of joy this morning. You reign over all the earth even as men choose evil against you. You are the winning side by definition. You are that you are. I choose your side because there is no recourse and you have made me to long for you. You raise up leaders and bring them down. You have your purposes in your chosen ones. You will perform what is right and just. For all your ways are just. Having been made in your image, I have a hint of what that means.

I praise you this morning. You are lovely and above all. You are trustworthy and righteous. You are forgiving and merciful. You rescued me from the pit of destruction and save me though my feet have slipped. I rest on you this morning. I rejoice in the kingdom of heaven that is your presence. You are nearer to me than I can perceive. There is nothing hidden from your sight and nowhere to run. You have seen me cover my eyes and try to hide. You see when I turn to idols and self-pity. I sing your praise now with the skill that I have for words and acknowledge that you are indeed King over all the earth. There is no need for me to descend into cynicism and complaint. No matter what appears around me, you are the God of justice and I will walk in that truth to be your child –  to enjoy complete human-ness. I will not choose to dissociate my God-image into the animalistic sub-parts. I resist pride and self-promotion. I resist sadness and self-loathing. I resist the temptations to waste the precious moments of my life. I praise you today for this brief moment on earth where I can encourage and testify to the truth.

The princes of the people have assembled themselves as the people of the God of Abraham, for the shields of the earth belong to God. He is highly exalted.

You have your purposes and your ways. Here you speak of your work through the generations from Abraham through Jacob and on to Jesus Christ our Lord. And you have organized the earth into families and races, and all power belongs to You. Let me tell of your Greatness with the overflow of my heart today.