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The goal of vacation is to detach and regain perspective on life. It took me awhile to do so, but one week was still enough. It’s those little things nagging me from my work that keep me from experiencing full joy and relaxation with my wife, kids, and grandkids. The trick is to name those little things for what they are: little writ large. And there is no good reason why they are so. Appearing big because there is no foreseen resolution yet, hard decisions and conversations may be required to resolve them. Finally the break came along about Thursday. Two weeks would definitely be better.

There will always be more little things, and the solutions will often not be self-evident, so let’s call them what they are and leave them alone for now. Treat them as if they did not matter at all and could go unresolved until they are forgotten from the universe altogether. Let them dwindle into obscurity even as the jet airplane might cross the sky overhead, loaded with people whom I never knew and will never meet, they will work themselves out eventually or not.

Let me be found ogling some more immediate and important sights, like the sweet-tea river that flowed between the wooden walkway and the beach, through which we waded to find our family’s place on the sand where we gazed out across emerald waters wondering what fish were doing beneath. And my grandson fascinated with his shovel, and my granddaughter scuttling from tide to umbrella carrying a small pail of water to drop into the bucket she was preparing for the fish that her Dada (my son) would bring her from his net.

I know that ll humans do not have the same fight to fight with anxious thoughts over little issues. I know that some can relax even when there are big conflicts going on around them. SO I know it is possible for me as well. Learning to let things go and if something happens, I will deal with it. Say to myself “this is little” so brush it aside and enjoy the moment’s blessing.