We did it. We closed the deal this morning. We sold our house and moved into an apartment. After 33 years of marriage, putting 3 kids through college, seeing two grandkids, and finding ourselves in an empty nest, we realized that our nest was too big, required a lot of walking up and down steps, and way too much time and money in upkeep for just the two of us. So, when a delightful family of 5 offered to take it off our hands, we agreed.

We found a brand new apartment on top of a mountain with a view of the Cumberland Mountains and the Smoky Mountains. We gave away or through away much of our stuff, and now we are shacking up – my bride and I. It feels so fresh and free. Yes, there was some pain on leaving the home where we raised three teenagers and experienced so much of life, but our kids have moved past it and our grandkids are still young enough not to remember it, so opportunity strikes. Here we sit in our 2-bedroom luxurious apartment without a custodial care in the world.

This year has been a big one: I was promoted to Group Leader and find myself in a 2nd career of management. My wife got breast cancer and we lived through surgery and chemo. And now we have downsized. All unknown to us 1 year ago.

So how do we use our new-found freedom? By praying and study reading and writing and and walking and talking and resting and sighting. It is back to Greek for me. Just started back in to Plato’s Republic, and I am always rabbiting off into the New Testament to wow myself with the Koine miracle that brings the good report of God’s loving attention. She needs to rest and exercise and sit and plan.

It’s a great place to be up on this mountain, and we might not ever come down.