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Waking up the next morning after wrestling with the angel of God and only a few hours sleep, such a momentous decision debated the night before is now thrust into the realm of mere action, action that is continued from plans laid before the debate. JVJ had put the wheels in motion before his night of struggle, and here those wheels awaken him from his stupor, calling him now to action. So he asks: “What carriage is that?”

Even before this tumultuous eve, his heart had been set on giving up his life to God and for others, so it was just a matter of watching the beauty of his obedient life of love played out. What often seem like the biggest events that carry so much consequence (i.e. a job decision or home purchase or parental choice) are often just the particular playing out of heart choices long past.

It’s sort of like watching young adult children make choices of their lifetimes. Those things that have been invested in their training were the real choices, and watching the particular  colors of their life’s fireworks explode bring us delight, but should not surprise us that there are colors at all.

So Jean’s change began by his encounter with the Bishop, and played out as he chose daily to lift the cart of love for the people. So too, I cannot demand a sudden result in my own life inconsistent with the choices I have made. Progress is slow, but manifestations of progress are often sudden.