What do you expect from God when you ask him about an issue? Do you expect to hear an audible voice answering in English words? Do you expect Him to “change your heart” so that you see things differently? Do you expect to work through a blend of listening prayer, wise counsel, sorting circumstances, hearing a small, still voice, and biblical searching until you could write a thesis that blends all of the “evidence” into a neat conclusion and final decision?

After long debate deep into the night wrestling with God over which course to take, Jean Valjean was convinced in two opposing directions that God’s will was set, then he simply went to sleep. There was a brief sleep and a sudden alarm of morning:  JVG awakes and acts aggressively. He slept on it. The answer was immediately obvious in the morning: but not obvious as an explainable position of knowledge  He awoke and acted with swiftness. God did not speak in words of a sentence of instruction. It seems He did not even mess around with some conscious message to JVJ that he was to “Go.” Instead, he used JVG’s groanings and pressures to set JVG in His path.

It seems the message is about seeking God with a pure heart. And that it doesn’t matter so much what we hear or don’t hear or what we see or don’t see. If we trust Him and will submit to Him. No worries. We won’t miss anything. Reason proves weak and untrue for us humans with small perspective.