“She touched the unfortunate with charming fingers, delicate and pure.” The picture of the two nuns, Sister Perpetue and Sister Simple teaches me about the importance of living a quality life. Sister Simple has found her purpose and attached her attentions to it. She may have a quite distorted image of God and the universe, but she is patient and quiet in her disposition, accepting what she sees without restlessness, and lives a contented life that blesses others.

The point I think from such a life is about faith and integrity. There is a peaceful existence that comes from living a life of integrity through faith. The faith is an opportunity to move attention off of oneself: Paying too much attention to oneself leads to self-destruction. But the integrity consistent with faith allows one to be content with his own existence.

It isn’t so much for me to seek contentment directly, as I so often try to do, but to (1) take time to reflect and pray, (2) practice prioritizing my thoughts and actions – including letting go of the flashing diversions that are not important, and (3) walk patiently with confidence.

It is a beautiful pre-spring day today in Tennessee. What an opportunity to walk in patient confidence, knowing that I am loved by God and am called as His child. I John 3:1. Idete! Rejoice Evermore! What opportunity lie in the moments and the people.