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The Madame Victurnien is the lead town busybody who is the “keeper and guard of everyone’s virtue.” She demonstrated hypocrisy and insensitivity and posing. Why would she do these things? Why would the people of the town concern themselves with the business of others that doesn’t concern them when they could take as much time to perform ten good works? I suppose it is to justify themselves by speaking badly of others. It is such a common strategy to gather alliances at the expense of others, and can be handled so subtly sometimes.

It seems that the only acceptable time to speak out against personal immoral behavior is when it is committed by authorities who take advantage of the people under their influence. Jesus talked a lot about this as He railed against the hypocrites and those moneychangers in the temple taking advantage of the people. Perhaps, the judgment must be made only in the defense of the innocent.

Personal offense is no good reason for gossip. And any sort of reporting of a matter will almost certainly be a disguise for gossip. But here with the Madame is a sniping without personal offense. So much the worse.