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The devotion of one man had given strength and courage to all.

Jean Valjean enters another ideal moment to love by saving the disgruntled  Fauchelevent, and Valjean does so even though he is exposing his identity to Javert. The synchronicity that Fauchelevent would end up working at the convent in Paris at the very moment most needed by Valjean seems outlandish, but I think teaches a true lesson of the spirit. If one abandons self-interest to honor God and others, then God will make up the difference – maybe not in such a tit for tat manner as this, for I do not hold to universal karma or pay-it-forward impersonal and automatic laws – as a personal God who is the rewarder of souls and calls us to come and die to self interest as He has done. It is all about a higher eternal community that begins now, subject to His loving Kingship.

Such momentous opportunities must be looked for, and I must remain on the ready, to jump up and risk my schedule, my resourses, and my convenience as required. We are all so busy today, that responding to any opportunity to help someone can be lost simply because of our selfish mindset; not even considering the opportunity realistically. We say to ourselves and others that we cannot make it, when in fact the real assessment is that we are not willing to sacrifice our control and convenience in order to be there for someone else.

But so much can come when one man stands up. Our lives are not so disjoined as we might like to think. Neither our personal sins nor our small acts of kindness are inert to our relationships. But thinking that they are inert leads to the strengthened resolve for commission and omission of both, respectively. Personal lives of politicians do matter very much. My personal life has an affect on my neighbors and family and generations to come. Ripples are sent out through the present and future relational web with every thought and deed, and I am personally affected by all before me and around me.

So it takes my conscious living to recognize that I do have power to change and affect others. And those conscious moments are what my life is all about – it is not so much about the routine of unconscious materialistic driven-ness and self-seeking for temporal wealth and pleasure. I am called to sacrifice in those interactive moments with sacrificial love, no matter how small the sacrifice. I am not called to protect my personal space against these opportunities.