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Look at this painting which is hanging in the Louvre. The line of lovers leaving the very spot where their love originated, the intensity to diminish and love to fade after they leave the Island of Cythera. The temporary nature of human happiness in love. But this romantic love is not just for the lovers! So it’s passing away is so much greater a loss. Enthusiastic new romantic love changes the perceptions of the cosmos contagiously; eternal love that produces contentment instills something right and true in our day that puts our serious business into proper place. But need young love pass away following the embarkation? Perhaps the intensity of the heart-beat must diminish, but it remains possible for those who have tasted to enter again if they choose. How can love be refreshed? First by meditation: taking the time to contemplate the wonderful miracle of our beloved and of the freedom to love and experience together. Second by gratitude, for the diminution of our love is greedy expectation that objectifies the beloved. We unconciously surge ahead in life looking for the next fix of dopamine, but our joy is waiting all the while for us, through the realization that we do not deserve such wonderful goodness of life itself, let alone life lived in the companionship of our beloved.