The morning breaks with the excitement of what this day can be. SO much to create and to enjoy. So much to explore without an agenda. And to have friends that are excited about the adventure as well! This is youthful vigor. No worries: only opportunities. A romp through the fields, a game on the bridge, and tasting all sorts of delights: what do these require? Freedom and faith.

This is our life to be lived and children of light, but only to lay down the heavy collars of responsibility worn with prideful pattern. For there is comfort in hiding behind a respected role.

What will I do new this weekend? What will I explore in the adventure? Let me shed my snakeskin of habit to grow a new and more beautiful life. Let me make new mistakes instead of the same old ones. Its OK to mess up now, but it is not OK to hide.

The foreboding of Hugo’s description of the delightful day looms with Fantine’s immenent fate, but I want to live with the story. And I find this chapter an invitation to exploration and walking in joy and energy. This is the word of God to me today. I think I will make a plan for the weekend.