Jean Valjean “on the verge of committing an evil deed” contemplates the confident peaceful sleep of the bishop. God is shining through to Jean Valjean’s heart, and so he shivers, though the message is one of good news.

Now, that’s intimidation! But not for the purpose of manipulation.

To abide in Christ in the midst of confusion will produce words of confidence and love, and peaceful rest. But there must be faith to abide.

The image of my grandson who is now only 8 months old comes to mind. I can be like him: fascinated by what surrounds me – especially the people – and happy for the experiences that pass by my eyes. Not a care in the world. Unhappy at times when I feel discomfort, but quick to resume my fascination. With my mouth open in awe and a laugh always on the ready.

The bishop’s peace and trusting sleep spoke both fear and hope to the heart of a “troubled and restless” conscience. That’s the angel of God modus operandi. And it’s who I am.