It seems the two women that lived with the bishop were content with purpose in their lives and satisfied in their simple pleasures, but were found vulnerable at the point of security. The bishop, on the other hand, did not fear an unlocked door allowing access to a criminal, because he saw the criminal as a man made in God’s image, and because he trusted God for his wise providence.

How applicable this passage is for me in my comfortable American life. Not only is my door locked and barred, but my wealth is guarded as security for me and my family. Further, I keep vigilant watch over my convenience which is constantly threatened by “inconsiderate people.”

The remedy is not to try harder at any work of kindness, but to let go and trust God. This is the discipline to which I am called for my life: to relax my shoulders and my mind’s eye and pray to God, rejoicing that He is for me. That He is effectively working toward me in His power, and that He cares for me. Relaxation is not for indolence, but rather for active prayer in listening and speaking.

For most people would say that it is not safe, or even further, that people will run over you if you let them. Fear of safety and fear of missing out on the better life are the two inhibiters to the abundant life.

So in relationships, in public, in duties, and in private, to think and act like the protected child that I am, enjoying a life of Jesus ministry. Hard habits cannot be changed, they must be exited and abandoned without pomp and trumpeting.