A little garden to walk and immensity to reflect upon.

Perhaps my favorite words of the book, these express the balance between beauty and practicality. They reflect the humble servant life that trusts in the One who brings growth in the garden and the adoration of that One whose might is reflected by his universal works.

Give me my work to do for which I was designed and let me gaze upon your grandeur and let me glory in Your greatness.

Bienvenue respects the animal life to a fault and overall he represents the antithesis of judgmental spirit. His low expectation allows him to find joy and laughter at every turn. I don’t know if I have ever met anyone like this. Certainly my interior life is not even close.

I spend time trying to live up to what I think others expect, and I passively resist those who I perceive to be judging me. Instead, I must turn my head now to the fascination of God’s works here before me in the acknowledgment that all people are in the same soup of the world and all that matters is the relationship. Who is the man who loves God and considers others? Who initiates the relationship without the subsequent baggage of self-acclaim and judgment?