“if we may suppose that Monseigneur Bienvenue ever thought of having a position.” “He had little to do with the theological quarrels of the moment.”

When a man is preoccupied with a mission or a passion, he has no thought to positions on matters inconsequential to his love. It strikes that when one takes a lot of passionate positions on different matters, his passion is really in the taking of positions. Perhaps his purpose is to be known as knowledgeable or right-thinking or passionate. Or even, it may that his passion is to be passionate. But this type of desire is of course treading water and self-worship. Bienvenue is so consumed with his purpose that he does not have time or thought for fashion. So, we should be so enthralled with the life that we are oblivious to the posing.

So much is said about a person by the issues to which he is indifferent. I would like to be so consumed in my current purpose that I forgot about taking a position on the irrelevant matters. Just as one might forget about time or hardship in a passionate drive to a goal, my current purpose should be such a strong focus.