Ephesians is the best book for a Christian. Read it through in 15 minutes. Don’t get bogged down in any detail. The first half of the writing is about our position as dearly loved chosen of God with all the privileges. Who we were, who we are now, and what we have been given. He writes mainly to give us right thinking. This first half is the base of the pyramid, then there is the second level specific description of how our lives will reflect the right thinking. Finally at the top, its about what we do now: equipping ourselves and praying to be a light in the darkness.

So how does the bishop’s life compare to Ephesians? He does demonstrate a confidence in a reality of God’s protection and provision, and does even have an inner joy that would have to be there for an EC (Ephesian Christian). His preoccupation with the poor certainly demonstrates a laying hold of his purpose and calling, having been equipped to that end and growing more proficient all the time. His interactions with the two women are consistent with the Ephesian household commands. Even his prayer life seems spontaneous, persistent and relentless.

Hmmm. I started out thinking that I would find a difference, but I haven’t been able to articulate one. I thought I could describe some crack in the foundation as to how his belief was somehow less triumphant than Eph 1-3, but his life seems to express the confidence and the peace that witness of the reality of his core belief being consistent with the book. My false expectation had more to do with the Catholic stereotype perhaps than what is written of Bishop Myriel. It’s my own life I need to re-examine. What am I choosing to believe? Convince my heart of the reality of my standing as your beloved child. Idete potapwn.