The bishop’s sister and friend have this interesting balance, understanding their role in the ministry which was to care and keep house and pray on behalf of their brother. Interesting how the faith of the bishop is contagious so that even these two women do not fear for their own safety. They have completely given themselves over in a support role, contentedly believing even that they themselves would die with the bishop’s passing. “These two women knew how to conform to the bishop’s way of life with that womanly talent of understanding a man better than he himself can.”

At my house, I see some similarities in the way my wife works hard to care for our kids and family. She sees housekeeping details more deeply and follows through consistently with excellence. Whereas I am much more likely to lounge reading or watching TV. I definitely see differences in perspective on normal life.

Here I lounge on Thursday July 10, 2014 in the midst of generational transition watching my kids get married and have their own kids. As I get older, it seems that much of what I do is to watch sun rises and sunsets. New beginnings and old endings. And life repeats. I stop and stare into my wives eyes to try and capture that one moment of present awareness, connecting with her soul. She sees it differently I think. But her perspective keeps me going – keeps us all going and makes each day interesting. With her care, she provides margin in our time, space, and money.