MB teaches the burden of the sin and the goal of man to “commit the least possible sin.” Men should strive to be upright. He describes himself as a former sinner. He preaches at every turn in local dialects, is never at a loss for pithiness, and always thinks before condemning saying: “Let’s see how the fault crept in.”

With such a works-based mentality, and preoccupation with teaching others the law, it seems impossible that he could maintain his excellent disposition and “schoolboy like laughter”. For what message does he bring different from all other moralities? Where is the gospel and spiritual rebirth? Such dualism!

And yet God blesses his work with Jean Valjean.

Q: Am I giving others the grace that this lawgiver affords to people? Do I behave the same “with the rich as with the poor”?

Q: Do I engage in grace as a license? Or am I soaring to the heights of joy in the righteousness of Christ?

Q: If anyone should have schoolboy laughter, it is the one under grace, not the one under law. When I lack this laughter, what am I believing that prevents?