Myriel Bienvenue teaches by what is around him. It seems there are a lot of good people around those cities. seems unrealistic. Ahhh, the ideal. Sound familiar. And yet, the principle is to first see (idete) the good in people around us. Only then can we and point it out to others. Seeing the good in others – not judging an blaming and criticizing to elevate ourselves.

I have been so didactic in my life. Too direct and less effective than telling the story and pointing out examples of Christ-like love. This point seems so obvious, but I have been a slow learner. Perhaps because I am too busy drawing attention to myself instead of looking around and seeing the good in people.

Let’s practice:

Look at that family: they serve others often and usually without drawing attention to themselves. Won’t they be blessed!

Look at my wife: she is always working and creating. No wonder I am blessed by her.

Look at that man who lost his job. He is so cool and seems at home with himself. Without anxiety. Such a good example.