July 29, 1714. Wow, what a dinner party, to be so memorialized with such permanancy.

And what of this Bishop who lives a life so far below his means? Without luxury at all, he seems to miss an aspect of life. He seems to lack the trust that it is OK to partake of some of God’s resources ourselves. But his is not so common a problem, and perhaps I preach to the choir.  Rather, he learns the extravagance of giving that is so rare as to be unheard of. Another ideal to give me vision. Thanks Victor. Luxury vacations and lavish homes are not our right – even if we can afford them.

Still, the good bishop seems quite alright with misappropriating the town’s resources to give to the poor. He seems to believe that the ends justifies the means, and the end is some kind of justice based on equal money for all. He does not hold to a God who gives more to those who have done well. His work, rather than a discipline of developing a heart of compassion is more about correcting a social order.