When my kids were little, I used to pretend I was doing my best in losing so that they could feel good about themselves. When they were youth, I pretended I was not doing my best in losing so that I felt good about myself. As they became young adults, they began to pretend that they were doing their best in losing so that I will feel good about myself. Ahhh, but now I have grandchildren and I will pretend again! Welcome the blowback of the wind as my child passes me by.

A Dad has privileges -mw

Waking up early on the weekends to create and pray, then when the kids rise to make pancakes, eggs, and biscuits. Sometimes we forget an ingredient or two.

Calling home in a disguised voice, then being surprised when his dear one finds him out.

Jumping in to the cold springtime pool to play with the kids.

Thinking up big ideas to build a fort or play a new game.

Inspiring new ideas and facilitating ideas the kids have.

Singing that special song to his little girl.

Conspiring with the kids on a surprise for Mom.

Sudden attacks of physical affection.

Let’s go to the library.

Making up stories, poems, and songs.

Letting them know that the lecture is coming.

Confiding in my young man my darkest teenage secret.

Lecturing on responsibility, integrity, and practical loving.

Continuing to pursue the teen even when there is no positive feedback.

Telling stories about current events, new technology, Biblical insights.

Finding joy in serving by working all summer while the family plays at the pool.

Letting myself off the hook when I’m not the perfect Dad, so that I can enjoy being the Dad God made me to be.