Solomon was right. When it comes to the important aspects about individuals, couples, crowds and nations, there is nothing new. And we will repeat our cycle. The challenge is not just to recognize this, but to enjoy the repeated patterns and even delight in the same things over and over again. It’s like we have another chance to live the moment better every time the cycle repeats.

I smile at Chesterton’s quote about God’s ability to repetitively rejoice over a sunset. “Do it again” as the small child cries over a simple trick. My granddaughter placing the small figurines on the rotating skating rink sculpture that we purchased for a decoration.   Take them off, put them on, hide them and repeat. Over and over again she laughs and repeats.

It is in the appreciation of the eternal perpetual relational aspects of life that I can find God-like satisfaction in the mundane and repeated happenings of the hours.

Take the patterns in a relationship. One person’s action triggers the reaction and a chain of responses that play off of the emotions, thought patterns, perceptions and felt needs of each partner. The next time this cycle repeats represents a new opportunity to improve at the bottom-line… loving the other person. Like the Groundhog Day movie, we get chances to become better in our own lifetimes. We can do it over and over and continue to improve, if we are aware of the patterns and do not insist on “being right,” but instead learn how to change in a way that brings harmony to the situation.