Circumstances align along threads in my life through time. These threads have themes and they move between planes of physical being, emotional being, and intellectual being. The themes indicated by these threads with their nuances I believe to be God speaking to me. But His speaking is not so didactic as the orations on Sinai, and His showing has more meaning than some telling. His speaking is much more like love in the showing for I feel His attentions and care in my soul.

Laugh to think that His voice is so limited as the English language, or any other language with the accompanying limits of verbal meanings and confusing ambiguities of our projected histories into those verbs.

I believe that God is speaking, but I am an object of His grace, and the point is for me to listen and enjoy His presence. The point is almost always not some detail instruction, there are more than enough details written down already. For me His speaking uses science and emotion and music and literature and conversations physical actions and dreams and every aspect of my human experience. His bandwidth is larger than I can imagine and multi-dimensional. I can only experience and worship Him as I identify His voice distinct from the material world.